November 16, 2017



Agriculture is huge sector across the globe and also key contributor of major economies. Despite significant growth in food production over the past 50 years, 805 million people in the world still suffer from hunger. By 2050, the global food requirement will increase significantly, driven by a population increase to more than 9 billion and a demand for improved diets, particularly in emerging markets.Enabling technology in this sector is very much necessity due to various challenges, like


  • Slowdown in productivity growth
  • Limited availability of arable land
  • Climate change
  • Increasing need for fresh water
  • Impact of urbanization on rural labour supply
  • Average of age of farmer is increasing, since fewer people of going into the industry
  • Gap between Demand and Supply is widened
  • Traditional methods still dominant in farming industry

Following are some of the opportunities where Smartrin can contribute to take Agri to the next level:


  • Predictive analytics through estimating the production through analytics and machine learning
  • Energy efficiency in Agriculture
  • Connected farm equipment for precision farming
  • Reducing of food getting lost during supply-chain, since 30-50% food is getting lost between production to consumption.
  • Cold chain management. Tracking produce temperature at the point of harvest to local flash cooling facilities to mobile or fixed cooling facilities to improve shelf life, etc.  Using sensors and wireless connectivity.  2/3rds of all produce in India spoils before it ever gets to market.
  • Smarter irrigation through better temperature, humidity, nutrient analysis,pest control & prevention and other sensors networked wirelessly.
  • Aquaculture Pond remote monitoring and control
  • Animal tracking.
  • Predictive and Real Time systems can be developed based on historic and latest data through AI/Machine Learning