November 16, 2017



“Sound strategy starts with having the right goal. – Michael Porter”


One major advantage of a strategy is to provide the ability to keep everyone in your company same direction towards the same set of goals. As per current technology and market trend, each and every organization should have “Digital First Strategy” to make use of right available technology tools for the betterment of their process, productivity and effectively utilize their resources and elevate customer experience.




Some of the services provided by Smartrin strategy team are:

  • Analyze legacy organization system and provide “Digital and Connected” strategy
  • Understand current production environment to identify bottlenecks, issues and challenges, and then provide “improvement strategy to elevate overall production to the next level
  • Understand existing campus, building or city to make it “smart campus/building/city and provide clear direction for “Connected

Provide New Product Initiative(NPI) strategy in Connected Agri/Connected Auto/Connected building/Connected Healthcare